Breudwd Welsh Prose 1300-1425


Welsh Prose 1300–1425 is a corpus of some 2.8 million words from 54 manuscripts.

This wordlist enables you to search the corpus by selecting the beginnings of words. This can be more flexible than the search facility, especially in the case of variant spellings.


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O… Oa  Ob  Oc  Och  Od  Odd    Oe  Of  Off  Og  Oh  Oi  Oj  Ol  Oll  Om  On  Ong  Oo  Op  Oph  OR  Orh  Os  Ot  Oth  Ou  Ov  Ow  Ox  Oy  Oz  Oỻ  Oỽ 
OR… Ora  Orb  Orc  Orch  Ord  Ore  Orf  Orff  Org  Ori  Orl  Orll  Orm  Orn  Oro  Orp  Orph  Orr  Ors  Ort  Orth  Oru  Orv  Orw  Ory  Orỻ  Orỽ 

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