Breudwd Welsh Prose 1300-1425


Welsh Prose 1300–1425 is a corpus of some 2.8 million words from 54 manuscripts.

This wordlist enables you to search the corpus by selecting the beginnings of words. This can be more flexible than the search facility, especially in the case of variant spellings.


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S… Sa  Sb  Sc  Sch  Se  Sf  Sg  Sh  Si  SJ  Sm  So  Sp  Sq  Sr  Ss  St  Sth  Su  Sv  Sw  Sy  Sỽ 
So… Soc  Sod  Sodd  Soe  Sof  Sog  Soi  Sol  Som  Son  Soph  Sor  Sorh  Sot  Soth  Sou  Sov  Soẏ 

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